Charles “Mr. Minidragbike” MoselyCharlesMrMiniDragBikeMosley

Legendary minibike speed merchant, accomplished racer, engine builder, innovator and race promoter. For over 15 years, Charles has been the builder, technical advisor and creator of over a thousand (1,000) mini–drag bike projects, engine rebuilds, and coordinated minibike races in the So Cal scene and beyond! With a grip that would melt kryptonite and a smile that would melt your heart to match, this living legend and walking ambassador to our sport and hobby is the epitome of a JMBR Hall of Famer. “Mr. Minidragbike” keeps the So Cal minibike race scene alive and we count on him to help take it to the next level going forward!

Vernell “Home Alone” Potter


The “Willie Shoemaker” of our sport and hobby of minibiking! If the Elias Sports Bureau recorded the history of minibike racing wins and finishes, it would likely read “1st Place: Potter!” in the majority of their stats and record keeping. A true to life McCauley Caukin, “Home Alone” (a nickname given to him as an 8 year old kid from his Uncle Bruce,) was always into a little mayhem and mischief. Soon this young, whippersnapper gained the attention and props from some of the baddest cats on the blacktop, as he began winning minibike race after race, after race on the street and on the track. Currently in full recovery mode since suffering a tragic accident in July 2014, always seeking a positive, Vernell is now our new ambassador for helmet safety and safe riding.

Joe Rivello

HOF Taco Joe

Known by most now as “Taco Joe”, one would be hard pressed to find a more appropriate person to take over the helm of THE most iconic brand in our sport’s history, Taco Mini Bikes!

Joe Rivello has had a life long passion riding mini bikes and racing mini cycles tearing up So Cal short tracks back in the day. A tough competitor, Joe was the 1972 NMA Nationals Class Champ! An avid motor sports enthusiast on all levels, if it had a spark plug, he was interested in it!

Decades later, already established and successful in the Southern California real estate business, the opportunity to purchase TACO Mini bikes presented itself, and Joe didn’t hesitate to acquire the iconic company. Utilizing his unique blend of business savvy, passion, time and money, Joe has one handedly maintained the foundation of our mini bike hobby by continuing to manufacturer the iconic TACO Mini bike brand over these past __ years! It looks like his dedication and hard work are paying off, with their flagship model 22 recently being featured in HOT ROD Magazine (May 2014 issue!) This striking red TACO was designed especially for the staff of HOT ROD.

“Having the opportunity to partner with HOT ROD Magazine was one of the most exciting promotional endeavors in the history of Taco Mini Bikes” stated and elated Rivello.

As momentum and interest continue to build for Taco Mini Bikes, opportunity knocked again and the company was featured in what is turning out to be THE most viewed mini bike video to date, titled “Mini Bike Mayhem!” This HOT ROD Magazine produced video airs on their popular YouTube Motor Trend Channel and has reached over 1 million views to date!

Joe’s a class act, successful in business, wonderful family man, forever young at heart, and will for ever serve as a beacon of leadership and inspiration to our entire industry of two-wheel wonders!

2014 JMBR HOF/Ed Rowlett

HOF Evil Ed

The phrase “You have a great face for radio” was first uttered back in the 70’s, when a famed Los Angeles movie director noticed a young Ed Rowlett, who at the time was racing mini bikes at the Thunderdome in Van Nuys with Guard Rail Dave and the gang! Nah, that’s not true, well not all of it at least!

A registered mini bike nut, “Evil” Ed has been the face, like it or not, of our mini bike hobby since one can remember! Serving as the Master of Ceremonies of countless mini bike events, swap meets, races and meet ups, the Evil One, has cast an air of coolness and intrigue over our sport in a way that we all have enjoyed and benefitted from over the years. A known attraction that is always quick with a joke or witty reply, Evil always is making time to help with a problem or tech question on about any kind of mini bike ever made. Ed’s opinion, expertise and presence in any capacity, has been sought out and clamored for by many folks seeking assistance exposure and validation within our industry.

With a face that has appeared on, and been seen on everything from mini bike event posters, to show decals, websites, video’s and even an upcoming potential TV reality show pilot, Ed is the gift that keeps on giving within our culture. His mechanical skills are world renown and as a result, many of his mini bike projects and parts he has developed over the years command a huge premium. Featured on the popular cable show Auction Hunters, and serving as an Internet star, racing mini bikes around his San Fernando Valley based estate, mini bike fun and entertainment is never to far away when Evil Ed’s around.

A really cool, helpful, and funny guy down deep, don’t let the beard and rough exterior fool ya! The most recognizable man in our mini bike industry by a long shot, Evil Ed is the right man for the job and we should all be happy we have him! He sum’s up his take on things in his own unique way stating, “It’s easy, just ask anyone who’s never done it before!”

When we asked Ed about how it feels to be viewed by many as the face of the mini bike world, he offered “Wow, pretty impressive!” I’d say!

1st Inductee 2013: Dave Miller

HOF Dave Miller
Formula 125 Pro Minibike Racing Champion and World Renowned Minibike Builder
We all know how competitive and challenging it is living with a brother during our early years, especially when you’re the youngest. One can only imagine what it would be like to grow up with seven other brothers! Dave Miller found inspiration in his oldest brother John, a hot rodder who was constantly littering the Miller driveway with a slew of performance projects.

After the older John took little Dave for a spin in his ’55 Chevy, packing a small block . 301 with a head snapping 4-speed powering dual (4) four barrel carbs and open headers, the kid was hooked instantly. As the car shifted through its gears, gushing the smell and sound of the sweet small block motor, Dave had found a new passion!

Almost overnight, Dave channeled his passion into two wheel machines. As of 1969, he had turned his talents as a racer into both National and World Mini Championships for 15 year olds and up, in the 7HP and over classes! By 1970 Dave had amassed an amazing string of prestigious wins that included two National titles, two additional World titles and one State Championship. The latter done while riding his 8” wheel Bonanza that was Hodaka powered minicross along with it’s companion 16” wheel Bonanza powered minicycles.

After winning the first ten races he had entered, beating established racing champions and contenders like Davey Carlson and Jeff Ward, the light went off for Dave that he might be onto something in the racing world!

Fast forward a few years, and Dave is still passionate about advancing the Bonanza Minibike tradition through his So Cal company, Dave Miller Concepts. Dave is known as the premier builder of complete bikes and performance parts for Bonanza and Hodaka. An expert in every sense of the word, Dave has set standards by manufactured an industry leading line of exhaust, gas tanks, clutch cover, engine accessories and custom bolt on products for the Bonanza and other models. With a roll call that would make the hardest core of mini bike collectors shudder with awe, Dave’s collection includes a
’69 World Champ Bonanza /Mc Culloch, the iconic Rat Bastard, Evil Twin, Bonanza T/F 1500 Dragster, and a list of Bonanza models that include the1300S/90CC,1510 MX, 1500 SH, BC 1300, BC 1000 , 1963 WEST BEND 610, both the CR 400 , CR 500 CHOPPER Models including the orange model I noticed during my shop visit. When asked why he has so many Bonanza models, Dave answered “ I liked the Bonanza stuff early on because even at 14 years old, I was already 6’ 2” tall and it fit me the best. I found the Bonanza’s also held up best with the 15-HP McCulloch engines we were running. They also had the biggest tires and and a decent brake systems.” His Taco collection is pretty cool as well with models including the Zundapp 50 Mini Matterhorn, The Super Tail 22, Taco MODELS 100, 99, 66, 44 and you guessed it, 22! Add in a Frijole plus “a bunch of shit I forgot I built” The Boyle Motor Sports Museum in Newport Beach, CA actually has an exhibit dedicated to the 50-60 bikes Dave has built over the last three years. When asked which one bike is his favorite, Miller concedes “the last one I built…until the next one gets started.”

A pretty laid back, no-nonsense guy who enjoys time in his shop, Dave has no problem speaking his mind. His constant pursuit of a better mousetrap and his precision-like manufacturing prowess have taken the minibike world to a whole different level! A twin engine, stretch-frame Bonanza currently sits on his spacious work bench. A head- turning orange CR400 Chopper with sparkling chrome goodies lays in the corner of one of the shops “back” room’s. He’s working on a new 2-Stroke pipe development for various race applications. He’s juggling a couple café racer concepts, and oh yeah, a vintage motocross museum builds. We asked how he keeps his continued focus on these mini wonders and Dave replied, “ Yeah, this is one of the original do-it yourself styled Hot Rod formula’s of all time, these minibikes are fun to build, fun to ride, fun to talk about, what’s not to like?” Nothing, nothing at all Dave…thanks in part to your efforts within the hobby! With over 30 minibikes lurking in his collection, our first ever inductee into the Joe’s Minibike Reunion Hall of Fame is an easy choice!

2nd inductee 2013: Richard “Mac” McGill

HOF Richard McGill

Legendary Minibike Historian, Collector, and Part Expert

If you ever want to know about a particular minibike make, model or year, then “Mac” is, without question, the guy you need to see! Mac has owned, currently owns, or knows where to find just about any bike out there. He’s been the source of information for a legion of minibike enthusiasts for over five decades and still commands the crown, hosting his own Mac Fest Minibike Yard Sale events in Norwalk, CA. It is there that he hosts one of the most “in-the-know” minibike swap meets, offering a home for extremely rare and hard to find parts.
Like many of us in the 60’s, Mac rode countless minibikes that belonged to friends. After awhile, he had to have one he could call his own! Well, one turned into two, and two into four, and some 80 minibikes later he is still counting.

Mac has to be one of the most grass roots, genuine minibike enthusiasts in our sport! As he reflects on his passion for these rigid framed wonders, Mac says, “always enjoyed the simplicity of the minibikes, and get my biggest enjoyment from visiting local swap meets to look for a part I can use to build or add to minibikes, go karts or other oddball contraptions I have enjoyed tinkering with over the years, including bar-stools, pedal car’s and more!” One of the most laid back, knowledgeable, non-BS guys you will ever enjoy talking to, Mac has promoted grassroots customizing, collecting, and the promotion of minibikes through his Swap Meets, parts inventory and historical minibike knowledge for years!

But it’s not just his minibikes that Mac is most proud of; it’s the opportunity he has had to meet so many cool people who share his passion for minis! “I enjoy helping others get the right part or bike they want. That makes me feel good. Folk’s are important to me.” says Mac. Representing the grassroots segment of our hobby, Mac serves proudly as the face of sport!