We have a ton of new promotions planned for September’s event, including our Young Gun voting category, (suggested by one of last years participants) This new category is designed to attract and recognize teen upstarts here at JMBR. We will have a special section just for our fellow minibikers who are 15 years or younger and have entered their minibike at the Reunion. Special trophies and awards will be given as well as additional media exposure! These Young Guns are the future of our hobby and I want to help get more of them involved! Joining us as a new event sponsor, the infamous Taco Minibikes will be on hand displaying their line of new Taco Minibike Kits. During the event, a Taco 22 rolling kit will be assembled and given away on site by team Taco! Taco Joe is hoping to showcase a new creation, soon to be featured in HOT ROD Magazine, along with others from the Taco stable. Some of these bikes were recently featured at the HOT ROD Magazine 65th Anniversary Homecoming event held in Pomona, CA. The JMBR minibike On-Site Build-Up Activity is also offered to anyone who wants to learn more about minibikes and simple assembly. Come participate in this minibike build-up as you learn from the pros, and watch some lucky participant take home a rolling Taco frame at the end of the day! Maybe this year it will be you?