Huge thanks go out to Taco Mini Bikes for their generous, on- going support. Be sure to stop by their display and see the famous HOT ROD Magazine Taco 22 up close and personal! Taco Mini Bike fans are also going to hear some pretty special things from Taco Joe about their newest creation! As a special addition, Miss Taco Mini Bike will be on hand to take photos next to our award and prizewinners. Be sure to stop by the Taco Mini Bike booth to meet her and quick photo! We always have a ton of free give away items for our spectators and kids too!

Once again, we will have a ton of cool give-away prizes from Pioneer Electronics, Mothers, Polishes & Wax, Swiss Trax Flooring, TOYO Tires, Campbell Automotive and HONDA of GLENDALE and others, along with awards, trophies and a few other special promotions in store for you! I am extremely grateful and proud to report that ALL of our sponsors are returning, and increasing their support of the event! I want to take a moment to offer a special thanks to the fine folks and friends from Campbell Automotive. Please visit their shop and pick up a $5 Off JMBR Registration coupon. Be sure and say hi to Lisa, Bill and Tommy Campbell who will be happy to answer any auto repair questions or concerns you may have.

ROCK STEADY! This year’s event will be substantially enhanced as we have partnered with the awesome folks at STEADY GARAGE. With a keen focus on the HONDA Ruckus and new Grom markets, STEADY GARAGE offers JMBR spectators the chance to see dozens of some of the most technically advanced, jaw-dropping, ultra-cool examples of today’s modern day mini bike scene. I am extremely excited to announce that our Reunion has made its way onto Steady’s summer weekend tour schedule, their Southern California Ride & Meet Up activity that attracts boatloads of Ruckus, Metropolitan’s and HONDA Grom owner/riders for mid morning group romps, followed by lunch and afternoon meet ups at select stops! If you haven’t experienced the sound and electricity that these bikes create when they arrive together on –site, it’s worth the trip to just see their grand entrance! Additionally, we are working with Kevin and his team to come up with some new awards and prizes for these unbelievably fun and exciting machines! STEADY GARAGE riders can purchase special pre event registration packages to JMBR, which includes discounted entrance fee, separate VIP entrance to the event, $5 discount coupons towards any official JMBR apparel and / or merchandise and more! Contact https://www.steadygarage.com for more info, or call 626 575 7497 to be a part of the fun!

Time sure has a way of flying by sometimes doesn’t it? It seems like it was just yesterday that me and Taco Joe Rivello were hanging out in my garage with Dave Freiburger, Editor and Chief at the time of HOT ROD Magazine, doing a ‘walk around” and admiring the awesome Taco 22 that Joe designed, and had crafted by legendary mini bike guru Dave Miller (Joe’s Minibike Reunion inaugural Hall of Famer class of 2013) specifically for the worlds largest automotive publication! This was a classic match up of two iconic brands combining efforts and talent to create a fun, fast, mini bike that would appeal to the masses! “The Hot Rod 22 which it has been named was built especially for the gang at Hot Rod Magazine. It turned out Fantastic. It has a lot of one off features that I hope to include in future models” stated an elated Rivello!

What a morning it was when the magazine arrived at my office, I couldn’t call Joe at Taco quick enough! There it was, in all of it’s well earned glory, glistening off the pages in it’s trademark Taco Red coat, this one of a kind Taco 22 stood brash and confident as the HOT ROD Editors pointed out all of the custom parts and work that went into the build! As you would expect, HR did a great job on the feature and included some cool mini bike and go kart history. Covering JMBR’s since our inception in 2012, HOT ROD has been a huge help for the event and was helpful again, including a little plug for our own JMBR event and website in the article! The last sentence of the HOT ROD article states, “Take inspiration and build your own.” HOT ROD has sparked this mini bike mayhem folks! A total audience of over 4 million automotive die- hards viewed the Taco Mini Bike article in HOT ROD Magazine. I love it!

I admit that early on, I had a hunch that a partnership with my clients at both Taco Mini Bikes and HOT ROD Magazine would be special. I’ve always felt that if we simply expose folks to our mini bikes, we could easily “kick-start” the hobby to a new level of interest, and participation! With that said, I still had no idea that the project would stimulate such a significant amount of exposure and impact with it’s readers and viewers as it did when their May ’14 edition hit the newsstands! In addition to the print article, the build produced a supporting video that star’s the project Taco.
Our mini bikes are gonna be big, BIG I tell ya’! “Mini bike Mayhem” which began airing on the wildly popular YouTube / Motor Trend Channel show, HOT ROD Unlimited on 11/22/2013, has been viewed 1,104,554 + times to date. If you haven’t had the chance to view it you can click this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou2PLolvw0I

That’s a lot of people that have inhaled the pleasantly toxic aroma of mini bike fever online folks! Then add in the other 4 million + reader’s who saw the May HOT ROD article and this is the kind of national, big reach media exposure that will propel our hobby for sure!

At the pace the video activity has grown, it appears that it’s on its way to being the most viewed mini bike ever seen on line! So thanks to HOT ROD, especially David Frieburger, and Jeff Dahlin and their staff for the rocket fueled kick-start you have provided our sport! Now we need to continue to do our part, and simply roll out our mini bikes, and they do the rest.

So since this past May, it seemed like everyone I knew, most of them being car and motorcycle enthusiasts of some shape or size had seen the mini bike article in HOT ROD and/or watched the video online! I was getting emails, phone calls, compliments and questions constantly! TACO Joe too got the same reaction from his band of thousands of loyal Taco fans that have stood by him over the decades! So although time has flown by too fast since the last JMBR, sleep well knowing we have made a lot of progress during that short period!

Stay in touch with our site and our Facebook page for all the latest announcements and information. I was a little late with the updates, but now have my awesome daughter Nikole helping to get us dialed in and updated. Those of you who have attended JMBR in the past likely remember her from the t-shirt sales booth! Stop bye and say hi this year to her, and my better half Linda!

We recently found out that our beautiful Miss Minibike Cherie has been blessed and is going to have a baby! We wish her and her new family the best and can’t wait to see them on site at the Show! Cherie will serve as our Miss Minibike Ambassador forever and we want to thank her for her years of projecting a fun and appealing image for our hobby! I invite you to post a comment to Cherie on our Facebook Page.

If you would like to become involved as a Volunteer or Sponsor, I invite you to contact me anytime. Call or email Nikole or me anytime at 818 275 4060. We will gladly provide some cool gifts for the effort!

Once again, Nicole said it’s time to change it up a little, and offer a new t-shirt design for this year! So come check ‘em out, along with a couple other new items you are sure to like from JMBR! We are bringing back the JMBR black jackets, and offering new Red JMBR Hoodies in limited quantities, so act fast on site!

Although he still mocks my challenges of a winner take all arm wrestling match up, this soft spoken Adonis packs a powerful punch when it comes to making mini bike’s go fast and how to make the most power from your machine. Charles ”Mr. Mini Drag Bike” Mosley, recipient of the 1st ever JMBR Achievement Award in 2012, will take a moment on site to address the sad and wide spread harmful ramifications today’s street racing-mini bike riders are dealing with as a result. The few seconds of You Tube fame and notoriety don’t compare to the true pain you find yourself in illegally riding without the proper safety gear.


Joe’s Minibike Reunion introduces the $5,OOO Mini Bike Build-Off sponsored by Taco Mini Bikes!

!So here’s the deal, I am totally pumped over the unreal amount of mini bike builds taking place across the US, (and even world wide) and it’s about time we found out who’s creating the top mini bikes in the land! This newly announced Joe’s Mini Bike Reunion Mini Bike Build Off competition would crown the top Mini Bike builders, and as important, introduce us all to the next new wave and generation of talented builders that will stimulate our hobby going forward!

Looking to turn your hobby into some serious cash, national media exposure, and some fabulous prizes? The JMBR Mini Bike Build Off is the biggest payout competition in our hobby today! Add in the opportunity to have your winning mini bike displayed at some of the largest automotive and motorcycle shows in the world, not to mention a special display area at all future Joe’s Minibike Reunion events, and this should stimulate a huge number of mini bike enthusiasts to get their build on, and then shift into a whole new gear! We invite you to build the best mini bike you can and be as creative as possible to earn the distinction of being the best in the world!

FULL DETAILS WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT THE 2014 JMBR. Event held 9-20-2014 at CV Park in La Crescenta, CA

Joe’s Minibike Reunion Mini Bike Build-Off Outline

TACO Mini Bikes will be the exclusive kit used in the JMBR Mini Bike Build Off. A specially numbered, authentic Taco 2 two-piece kit will be provided with each paid entry! No other make or model of frame can be used in this competition! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Open to all Professional, Amateur and Young Gun (16 years of age or younger) Mini Bike Enthusiasts of the world. Classes are defined as follows:

Pro Class: An entrant who owns or is affiliated with a professional shop, garage or advertised website that offers mini bike related service, parts or consultation. Has participated in a professional mini bike sanctioned event/race.
Amateur Class: Any mini bike enthusiast that is 17 years of age or older.
Young Gun Class: Any mini bike enthusiast that is 16 years of age or younger.

Participant Entry Fee’s:
• $495 for Professional and Amateur entrees
• $395 for Young Gun entrants

An entry fee entitles you to entrance into the competition, the eligibility to win, and:

(1) A specially numbered Taco kit (2 piece)
(2) Specially designed jacket embroidered with JMBR Build Off Winner logo on back and first name on front of jacket.
(3) Free Participant entry into the 2015 JMBR
(4) 3’ x 5’ Official JMBR MB Build Off Shop Banner with grommets
(5) On-going build coverage photo and video exposure on www.joesminibikereunion.com and www.tacominibikes.com
(6) Invitation to display winning bike at major automotive and motorcycle events in 2015.
(7) Special recognition on hotrod.com website
(8) Meet and Greet with event Judges prior to and after ’15 JMBR.

Registration will be limited, so be ready to enter by
9-29-14 if you plan on competing. Class may limit Entrées and the competition is offered on a first come, first served basis through the online registration form. Official Rules and Registration Form will be available on www.joesminibikereunion.com immediately after the upcoming JMBR.

FINAL DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: Midnight, Friday, November 7th 2014.

JMBR Mini Bike Build Off entrees to be judged, and the winners ! selected at the 2015 JMBR held annually in September.

Judging will be comprised of (5) select members of our mini bike community along with representatives from a major automotive/motorcycle publication.

• Professional Class Winner to receive *$4,000 Cash /Pioneer Car Audio Package!
• Amateur Class Winner to receive $1,000 Cash/Pioneer Car Audio Head Unit!
• Young Gun Class Winner to receive Brand New Taco 22 Mini Bike Rolling Frame Kit, 6.5 Predator engine and Pioneer Car Audio Jacket and apparel package!

NOTE: Professional Class Winning Bike is to be donated to JMBR for perpetual display at JMBR event, future promotional, appearance and charitable endeavors. Both the Amateur and Young Gun winning bikes remain possession of the owner. The winners of each of the three classes will also receive their paid entry fee back in cash!

* Winners to receive Honorary Induction into 2016 JMBR Hall of Fame!
* Local and national media exposure in select automotive magazines, videos and websites!

Specially crafted JMBR Build Off Trophy Cups built specially by TACO Mini Bikes!

FULL DETAILS WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT THE 2014 JMBR. Event held 9-20-2014 at CV Park in La Crescenta, CA

To become involved as a sponsor of the competition, contact us at 818 275-4060.