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• 2017 JMBR Schedule of Events •

7AM JMBR Participant Check In and Move In START
8AM Spectator Gate Open
9AM Welcome/Frankenstein Reveal
10AM Cackle Fest and Prize Give Aways
11AM Cackle Fest and Prize Give Aways
12/noon Awards Ceremony Top 10 featuring the Brad Elze People’s Choice Award
and the F&B Racing Rolling Frame Participant Give Away

• Awards & Prizes •


JMBR is open to all cool minibikes, scooters and such. This year we will now have a Top 10 judging format that ALL paid Participants are eligible for. Complimentary/ VIP Guest bikes are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR JUDGING OR PRIZES!

Each Top 10 selection will receive:

* Specially designed JMBR Top 10 trophy

* F&B Racing Prize

* Custom JMBR Top 10 Baseball Cap
Judging Criteria – Minibikes will be judged by:

  • Engineering: focus on the build quality including engine, brakes, suspension, wheel & tire.
  • Paint and Body: focus on the build theme and creativity with use of paint, bodywork and modifications
  • Best Use of Custom and/or Aftermarket Parks: focus on the overall bike design and use of custom or aftermarket parts on your build.
  • Fan Appeal: The Top 3 places will be awarded by on site spectator applause. Bring your friends to support your efforts!

JMBR Crowd selects the Top 3!
The judges will determine the Top 7 places, yet the final Top 3 awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be based on crowd applause and participation at the awards ceremony, which starts at 12 noon. Urge your friends to attend and support you!

       ON SITE ENGINE DYNO sponsored by Steady Garage!

We return again with the extremely popular engine Steady Garage Dyno Challenge this year! Joe from Eastside Racing burped out almost 28HP last year and remains the man to beat heading into the upcoming Reunion. We invite you to watch and share in the fun and excitement as some of our high horsepower, mini drag bikes kick out insane noise, max torque and redline mph figures for all to witness. If you think your bike has what it takes to impress the crowd, then bring it out!


In pursuit of the highest horsepower rating, entrants will vie for a special JMBR BEST DYNO plaque and also receive a special JMBR Prize pack.